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Dashcam for your browser to squash those pesky bugs 🐞 in no time

Capture magically collects all the data engineers need, backed up with video or screenshot, merging everything into a comprehensive bug report. Empowering all teams to deliver top-notch products swiftly. Forever free.


Reduced time to report bugs

1 hour/day

Saved on testing, communication with
devs & reporting, and bug reproduction


Traceability via screenshots & videos

Use Capture as self-sufficient test recording Chrome solution

Capture brings the efficiency and convenience of a Chrome solution for web testing of any scale


Record interactions on web


Capture automatically records all your actions within each test step. Developers get a video of your test execution with the timestamped transcript of actions, so they can reproduce defects in no time



Give more context,
have fewer meetings


Capture provides full desktop capture, window recording, in-App screencast. Create a Capture and provide the developers with a timestamped video from your test session with a found defect, so they can understand the issue in no time



Send visualised issues to Jira and aqua


Capture a defect, then create a Jira or aqua ticket in one click. Your colleagues will get a link to see test execution video, OS info, and even console & network logs



Take full or partial
screenshots and annotate


Save screenshots for visual proof then draw over them for clarity, blur specific areas on the image to hide sensitive data, and crop screenshots — all without leaving the tested website


What your developers get


With old-fashioned testing

  • Unmarked screenshots and/or video

  • Tester’s rendition of what they have been doing

  • Annotated screenshots and/or timestamped video

  • Log of all inputs done by the tester

  • Info on used software & hardware

  • Auto-generated genuine test report

Get developers better bug reports faster than ever — free forever

Testing with Capture saves time
for everyone


QA Specialists

  • Save hours by not switching tabs every time

  • Get automated log of test execution

  • Streamline exploratory testing by Capturing any page


  • See test execution as if you were doing it

  • Analyse performance data with DevTools logs

  • Interact with QA in the tool you prefer


  • Save time of testers and developers to get more features done

  • Avoid QA & dev errors from lack of communication

  • Ace regulatory audits with test execution videos from Capture


Development teams love Capture


“Capture has been a valuable addition to my toolkit, helping me to communicate more effectively with testers and speed up bug fixing.”

Noah Hall
Software Developer

“Capture saved a lot of time for me and my team. It enables me to record all the critical information required for our engineering team to debug any issues in our tool.”

Elisabeth Davies
Customer Success Manager

“With this tool, I saved maybe 60% of the time that I used to spend to record a bug. And another 100% to explain developers how to reproduce it. Capture is an everyday tool for me now.”

Christopher Huber
QA Engineer

Speed up your testing by 56% — it’s totally free

What do I need to start?

Capture’s key functionality is powered by a free Chrome extension. Simply download it and create a Capture account for advanced test recording and sharing functionality.

How much does it cost?

Capture is a product in beta that is free for users. A premium version will be released separately, but existing features will not be paywalled. Enterprise packages with custom functionality are available at individual requests.

How many people can use it?

Once workspace functionality is out of beta, you can invite as many people as you like. Capture is a collaboration-minded tool, and it shines the brightest when everyone on your team uses it.

Does Capture work with my test management solution?

Capture has integrations with aqua, Jira, and Slack. You can still save then upload test screenshots/videos, test configuration snapshot, and actions log to any tool that you use. More integrations will be coming in the future.